Skelly follows the off-kilter exploits of a 30-something woman who has a literal skeleton in her closet; thing is, no one believes her, and she starts to wonder if she believes herself. Skelly, the skeleton owns a bar he runs out of her closet.
The bar is visited by people who passed or have passed. Skelly usually tries to rope Sarah into being a bar waitress during his many parties that keep her awake at night; she is constantly tired.
Sarah still lives at home with her grandma, whom everyone calls, Nana. Sarah is constantly tired and doesn’t have much of social life. Work. therapy visit. home. She is the amalgamation of monotony.

The world of Skelly is sardonic and intense. Death itself is commonplace.
Each episode is presented as a therapist visit and it plays out as Sarah describing her day. As the show progresses, a mystery presents itself, as Sarah is hell-bent on learning who Skelly is and how he died; but in turn, she finds out more about herself than she ever wanted to know or accept. Viewers will want to solve the mystery themselves and be taken on a Beetlejuice-ish journey of craziness.

Skelly is an adult animation that focuses on things not normally talked about, mental health, familial trauma, religion and relationships. The story is led by a young Black/Jewish woman: something that unfortunately still isn’t all that commonly explored in television animation.

Kayla Davis – Creator

Former webcomic artist of the popular Casually Kayla, that ran for about 6 years, multimedia artist, and complete Blerd. She has a passion for video games and a passion for telling a great story.  One with a female lead and that normalizes mental illness and seeking help.

David Gueringer

Musician and composer.  He is responsible for all music that will be included in Skelly and he also wrote the banger of the theme song. 

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