Rebranding “Pizzaman”: A Superhero for Pizza Delivery

We were recently approached by “Pizzaman” – a popular pizzeria franchise in Ernakulam – to rebrand their franchise for their new shop. The task at hand was to design a new superhero character, create two comic strips for their walls, and a huge cutout in front of their shop. Our job was to give them a new identity, while maintaining their innovative concept of using superheroes to deliver pizzas.

The Original Superhero Design

“Pizzaman” had a unique concept of using a superhero to deliver pizzas. They already had a superhero design, which their delivery boys used to wear when out for delivery. It was an amazing and innovative concept that we had to build upon. Their original design was a little more realistic. We went the other way and created a more stylized character.

Creating a Stylized Character

Our design team went to work on creating a new superhero character. We wanted a design that was simple, but unique. We came up with a character that was both visually appealing and instantly recognizable. We gave the character a bold and playful personality that matched the brand’s image.

Comic Strip Concept: Saving the World with Pizza

We knew we had to create comic strips that were as fun and exciting as the idea of a superhero delivering pizza. So, we came up with two hilarious concepts that perfectly capture the brand’s quirky personality.

The first comic strip sees our hero facing off against a kaiju or monster that’s rampaging through the city. But instead of relying on brute force, Pizzaman saves the day by throwing a pizza straight into the monster’s mouth! As it chomps down on the cheesy goodness, the kaiju is pacified and Pizzaman emerges victorious.

In the second concept, we take things intergalactic. Aliens are attacking the countryside and beaming up all the food they can get their hands on! But Pizzaman isn’t going to let them get away with it. He rushes to the scene, wielding a delicious pizza as his weapon of choice. He quickly discovers that the aliens are beaming up food because they’re on the hunt for the tastiest treats in the galaxy. And, of course, Pizzaman’s pizza is just that! The aliens are so impressed that they decide to take Pizzaman’s pizzas back to their planet for a feast.

These comic strips were a blast to create and we’re sure they’ll put a smile on the faces of everyone who sees them. With Pizzaman, there’s no challenge that can’t be overcome with a little bit of pizza magic!

The Final Product

With only two walls for the comics, we had to carefully calculate which panels would make it to the final comic. The result was two stunning comic strips that captured the essence of “Pizzaman” and their superhero. The comic strips perfectly highlighted the brand’s message of delivering pizza to all corners of the city, even the countryside.


Our work with “Pizzaman” was a great success. We created a new superhero character and two comic strips that were both fun and playful. The new design and comic strips perfectly captured the essence of “Pizzaman” and their innovative concept of using superheroes to deliver pizza. The franchise now has a new identity that represents their brand and their vision.

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