In a world where social media and technology are constantly vying for our attention, a modern retelling of the classic tortoise and rabbit story highlights the dangers of distraction. In the heart of the jungle, a marathon race was underway, pitting a rabbit and a tortoise against each other in a test of speed and endurance. This modern retelling of the tortoise and rabbit story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of letting technology and social media consume our attention and distract us from our goals.

Story and Concept : Ananthakrishnan TU
Direction and Storyboards : Ananthu Ajith
Art Director : Anuchand Ram
Creative Director : Visakh PK
Animation Director : Kadalasmation
Animation : Visakh PK, Ananthu Ajith, Kadalasmation, Ananthakrishnan TU
Post Production : Ananthakrishnan TU, Kadalasmation
Production Coordinator : Shyam SK
PR : Devika Sreekumar, Devi Priyadarshini
Music and SFX : Daniel Victor


To stand out against the natural beauty of the environment, our characters have been given unique and eye-catching colors. The rabbit is painted a bright and playful pink, while the tortoise is a deep and sunny yellow. These bold colors help to bring our characters to life and make them stand out against the stunning backdrop.

Rabbit TA

The rabbit is typically portrayed as a boastful and confident character who is known for his speed and agility. He is quick-thinking and adaptable, and often relies on his natural talents to achieve his goals. However, the rabbit is also prone to distraction and can sometimes become too focused on his own abilities, leading him to underestimate his opponents and make mistakes.
Overall, the rabbit is a complex and dynamic character who represents the dangers of overconfidence and the importance of staying focused and determined in the face of challenges.

Tortoise TA

The tortoise is typically portrayed as a slow and steady character who is known for his determination and perseverance. He is patient and focused, and he does not let distractions or setbacks deter him from his goals. Despite his slow pace, the tortoise is a formidable opponent and is often able to outmaneuver the rabbit thanks to his steady focus and determination. He is not prone to boasting or overconfidence, and he is content to let his actions speak for themselves. Overall, the tortoise is a reliable and hardworking character who represents the value of patience and determination in achieving one’s goals.

Background Design

Set against a stunning midday sky with bright blue hues and fluffy white clouds, our story takes place in a lush green meadow with rustic brown sand.

Music And SFX

For this project, we enlisted the help of Daniel Victor to create the music and sound effects. Our goal was to appeal to younger audiences, so we initially considered using an orchestral style of music. However, after considering the preferences of our target audience, we decided to switch to electronic music in order to better engage them. Our primary concern was ensuring that the music would be both appealing and relevant to our intended audience.

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