Onam is a major festival celebrated in the Indian state of Kerala. According to legend, Mahabali or Maveli visits earth from the underworld during Onam and grants the wishes of the people. In our animated short, we present a comedic alternative on the traditional story of Maveli’s departure to the underworld . In our video, we depict Maveli literally granting the requests of the people in a humorous way, bringing laughter and cheer to all who celebrate the festival. The video offers a unique and entertaining spin on the cultural and historical significance of Onam and the role of Maveli in the celebration.

Concept and Designs : Anuchand Ram
Direction and Storyboards : Visakh PK
Animation : Ananthu Ajith, Kadalasmation, Noah Paul, Visakh PK
Post Production : Ananthakrishnan TU, Kadalasmation
PR : Devika Sreekumar, Devi Priyadarshini
Dubbing : Pop Media House


Maveli is depicted as a strong and serious character, with a no-nonsense attitude and a tendency to take everything literally. Despite his regal bearing and traditional royal attire, Maveli is shown to be a bold and decisive leader, always ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. His depiction as a strong and serious character in our animation video adds a unique and compelling spin to the traditional story of Onam and the cultural traditions of Kerala.

Vamanan TA

Vamanan In the traditional story of Maveli, Vamanan is depicted as a deity who takes on the form of a dwarf in order to test the generosity and kindness of the mythical king. According to legend, Vamanan appears before Maveli and asks for a small piece of land, which he measures out with a three-step stride. Despite his modest request, Vamanan is secretly a powerful and divine being, with the ability to transform into a giant and claim all the land he desires. In this video, Vamanan is portrayed in a humorous and light-hearted way, adding a unique and entertaining twist to the traditional story of Maveli.

Background Design

The drama takes place in a beautiful and ornate pavilion that serves as a symbol of the prosperity and royalty of the kingdom. Set during the Onam festival, the pavilion is surrounded by a riot of colorful flowers, adding to the festive atmosphere of the scene.

The pavilion itself is depicted as a grand and luxurious place, with a rich golden-brown color and accents of deep red, which serve to highlight its regal and wealthy nature. The rich colors and ornate decorations of the pavilion serve as a reminder of the cultural traditions and customs of the kingdom, and help to enrich and deepen the story of Maveli and Vamanan as it unfolds.

Rough Storyboard

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